Working out while working!

Tagal magrender!


Rendering video



 Working out while rendering video
Working out while rendering video. HAHA
Push-ups, Jumping Jacks, Lunges… parang JOKE lang 🙂

Spending our 6th Anniversary

So here I am, composing a blog post while rendering video at work. (and again ruining your plans)

Luna and Pakus

To my kaasaran, boxing, food trip buddy,

Happy 6th Anniversary.

I thought hindi tayo magtatagal ng 3 months or 6 months, because we’re completely opposite. Our punto de vista, upbringing and lifestyle.

Luna and Pakus

Thank you…

…..for teaching me how to be mature in a relationship.

….for your patience.

….for tolerating my workaholic mode.

….for believing in my dreams.

…..for eating my epic fail cooking attempts. Kikiam (sunog na hotdog)

…..for eating my mastered recipe (fried rice and sunny sideup egg)

…..for exchanging your…. to a nuno. (you know what I mean)

…..for hatid sundo kahit ma-late ka sa office, or wala ka nang tulog.

…..for being strong and leading our relationship. Even Dad can’t hold you down. LOL

…..for accompanying me in shopping.

…..for being my reference on make-up, fashion and girl stuff.

…..for understanding my mood swings.

…..for being a family person. Weekends are non-negotiable to you. lahat talo talo na basta weekends.

Luna and Pakus

I’m still trying my best to reciprocate all of your efforts.

Thank you and I love bacon.  =)

Zup Work? I’m back with VENJENZ!


I just woke up from a deeep sleeep! Nakatulog pala ako pagkatapos kong kumain last night! Its nice to be back. I’m not sure kung bakit di lang ako comfortable ngayon. Work Jitters? Hahaha. Di lang siguro ako sanay ng walang kasama. Sa tagal na din siguro walang practice. Parang newbie ulit ako. HAHA

Alone at work meme