FDA bans 26 Slimming Products!


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has ordered the recall, seizure, and ban of 26 slimming products found to contain amphetamine (stimulant and an appetite suppressant), sibutramine , and steroids.

In a circular, FDA acting Director Suzette Lazo said these “slimming products are not registered and not approved or authorized by this office to be sold in the market.” The slimming products are sold in the form of capsules and slimming coffee.

The banned products are:

1. Ballet Dancer Fat Reducing

2. Bio-Lissom Fat Reducing

3. Brazilian Slimming Coffee

4. Cell Life Slimming Coffee

5. Elegant Shape Fat Reducing

6. Goodliness Fat Reducing

7. Happyslim

8. Leisure 18 Slimming Coffee

9. Lightness Fat Reducing

10. Maggie Fitness Essence

11. Mei Shen Ting Anti-Obesity

12. Modeling Fat-Reducing

13. New Original Lightness Fat-Reducing

14. Pearl White Slimming

15. Perfect Figure Slimming

16. Perfect Slim Fat Reduction Cosmetic

17. Perfect Slim Purely Natural Fat Reduction Cosmetic

18. Pill for Weight Reduction

19. Pretty Model

20.  Qiaomei Fat Binder

21. Qi Xian Nu

22. Seven Days Miracle

23. Shaping Body Fat Loss

24. Slim and Beauty Slimming

25. Slim Up Extra Whitening and Reducing

26. Xianzimei Fat Reduction

FDA said it tested these products and found that they contained amphetamine, which the agency said is a dangerous drug; sibutramine, which was already withdrawn from the market; and steroid, a prescription drug.

“FDA’s findings through laboratory tests showed the presence of amphetamine, sibutramine, or steroids, either singly or in combination with each other, in the above products,” Lazo said.

She warned that these slimming products “pose imminent danger or injury to the consuming public and the importation, selling or offering for sale of such is in direct violation of Republic Act No. 9711 or the Food and Drug Administration Act of 2009.”

Lazo ordered FDA officers all over the country to “seize immediately the above identified products from all outlets or establishments where they may be found for custody and proper disposition.”

The FDA list shows that most of these products came from China.

Source:  JONATHAN M. HICAP, mb.com.ph

I mentioned in my blog post 6 days ago that almost all slimming products have side effects. Don’t risk your health just because you want to save money.

Go Natural! Eat your leafy greens and fruits. Drink at least 12 glasses of water. Allot at least 1 hour of Physical Acitivity.

Good thing, I found Optrimax Plum Delite—natural plum fruit, pickled with Green tea, Pu-er tea and Probiotics. =) Safe. Natural. Effective!


3 thoughts on “FDA bans 26 Slimming Products!

  1. hows the Optrimax Plum Delite so far? I tried looking for After day 6 continuation of your review but didnt find any. Would you still recommend it?

  2. Optrimax Plum Delite 101% effective talaga kc 2 times palang ako nag take nakita ko na lumiliit ang Tiyan ko for 2days . Kahit every other day nga Lang ako kumakain ng optrimax plum delite , effective parin at ang kagandahan pa dto safe Ito na gamitin pang diet … Kc natural Lang .from 130 pounds naging 124 pounds na po ako ngaun naka 5pcs palang po ako nito .. My sakit ako na constipated kaya kadalasang lumalaki ang Tiyan ko dahil sa Hindi regular na pag dudumi . . Dahil sa tulong ng optrimax plum delite naging regular na pag dudumi ko at gumaan ang pakiramdam ko ..Sa mga Gustong pumayat maging healthy try po ninyo ang optrimax plum delite , Kahit sa isang piraso Lang nito may makikita na Kaung pag babago

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